Hungarian pornstar Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean is a Hungarian pornstar and featured on youham. She came into the world as Dora Varga on December 14, 1987. Her place of birth is Budapest, Hungary. Her first success was as a winner of the Miss Tourism Hungary title when she was nineteen. Later, she emerged as a top 6 finalist in the Miss Hungary Pageant. Her adult movie career started in April 2007, stating that her ex-boyfriend kicked off her career, but providing no further information. She remains one of the most popular pornstars since then. The first thing that most people notice about her when she is clothed is her hypnotic sexy cat-like green eyes. Despite being well-endowed she has felt it necessary to have three boob jobs and is currently a DD- Cup. Other surgery includes a lip job. Her height is 5 ft. 8” and she weighs 132 lb. Physically she exhibits an athletic figure and perfect assets. Professionally, she is thought to be among the most outrageous pornstars in the industry and basically, anything goes. From time to time she steps out as a high-class escort.